Alim / Pine


Alim is the ogham of the high pine and the skylark, seeing clearly a long way. The meaning is not so much based in the tree as it is in the vision of the place where the tree is growing. Picture a high place overlooking the sea, a lake, or an ever more distant range of hills or mountains. A grassy, rocky place; almost empty except for one huge, gnarled, old pine towering over everything. The pine commands a view of everything around it while still being a part of everything and, throughout its long life, has triumphed over storms, drought, ice and still flourishes.

The bird linked with this ogham is the skylark. The skylark lives in the grass and, from it, flies up into the clear sky. When it is just a speck in the blue, it bursts into a song that can be heard everywhere for miles. The skylark has always been the symbol of the continuing bravery of the commonplace and beautiful.

There are two lessons we can learn from Alim, the high pine. The first is the joy of being at one with Nature. Biologically, the way that trees drink and breathe is by drawing in water and minerals with their roots, passing them up through their trunks and branches, and sending them to their leaves. The pores in their leaves are open, breathing out water vapor and oxygen. In the summer, both deciduous and evergreen trees are breathing and singing this exhalation of the great Ohm. Evergreens are awake all year round, however, and if you walk in the woods on a sunny winter day you can hear, if you listen with your inner ear, the quiet hum of the pines. Trees are connected deep into the ground and high up in the air with all around them, and we should look for this sense of connectedness.

The second lesson is to look more than two steps ahead along our path. We should always know what we plan to do next, but we should also have a sense of where we are headed and what we can do if things don’t turn out as planned. Keeping in mind the eventual outcome of our actions helps to keep us from finding ourselves at a dead end.

This is the dual message of Alim: look all around you with a clear sight, and rise above adversity. The clamor in the valley may be confusing and daunting but the view from the peak will put things into perspective. The card reversed tells us that our vision is clouded and our perceptions need to be examined.

This concept is not expressed in the Norse Rune-set, and so there is no rune paired with Alim. It stands alone, sending its message «Rise up!»

Оригинальный материал взят с ныне не существующего


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